Anti Bullying Strategies for Kids and Teens

A common difficulty in childhood and early adolescence is bullying. Sometimes this is done by older kids and sometimes kids of the same age as the child. It can happen for any of hundreds of reasons. Because the realization of the horrible potential consequences, it has become a concern in recent years as schools have clamped down on even kids who are defending themselves out of fear of litigation. Even the government has created a web site resource on bullying prevention (https://www.stopbullying.gov/).

HOW DOES IT HAPPEN?   This is anyone’s guess and social scientists have their theories. We are not going to try to resolve that question in this discussion. We think it sufficient to say that it happens. Each of us is a unique individual and can be perceived by others in both a positive and a negative light depending on that person and the environment in which we meet them. We cannot control someone else’s reaction to us. What we can control is how we respond when that person becomes a bully.

EXAMPLES OF A REASONABLE RESPONSE?  We have all seen some of the videos on YouTube of kids who were bullied for a long time and finally decided to do something. (Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNweGN3DdbM or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BWFUC7MGQ4) We along with many others in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do communities have supported anti-bullying efforts. We at United Martial Arts of Katy have gone a step further and developed a unique copyrighted program to help kids and teens defend themselves using the techniques learned in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?  At United Martial Arts Katy, we have gone a step further than Gracie Jiu-Jitsu or Gracie Barra (the two big names in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu aka BJJ) and combined the defensive skills of BJJ with appropriate self-defense techniques of Tae Kwon Do aka TKD. We have developed a comprehensive program that provides the skills needed and, if your child wants, segues directly into training programs in BJJ and TKD at United Martial Arts Katy. This program curriculum has a process through a special belt system of recognizing their skill development so that they understand that they have learned self-defense. The skills developed in the course of a about 6 months (or sooner if you choose private or semi-private instruction) gives your son or daughter the ability to defend first through blocks and techniques that are non-violent to a progression into mild to more severe forms of control and defense techniques of the BJJ world for use when necessary. We avoid strikes with hands and feet in the early stages because these techniques can take years of practice to perfect to a level of self-defense AND can cause severe injury when used on a bully. The United Martial Arts Anti Bullying Program provides the levels of skill needed in anti-bullying targeted areas of self-defense that your son or daughter will be able to use with only a couple of months of training.

United Martial Arts Katy like many others began searching for the right combination of known options to combine into one coordinated curriculum. United Martial Arts Katy seized upon the combination of BJJ and TKD as the perfect combination. After seeing the need for a coordinated approach between the world of TKD (i.e. kicking, blocking, and hand strikes) and the world of BJJ (joint locks, control mechanisms, and choke holds when necessary), United Martial Arts Katy developed its unique system and a curriculum we have named the United Anti Bullying Campaign™. Together, we can convert this unpleasant and even horrible situation that anyone’s son or daughter can wind up suffering from into a solution and a confident son or daughter.

DO YOU WORK WITH DAYCARE CENTERS?  Yes, we do!  We have several Day Care Centers in our area serving the families of this part of Katy. We offer a variety of programs for those daycare centers to bring the children in once a week or more for instruction in our Anti Bullying Program.

WHAT ABOUT AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS?  Yes! We offer the United Anti Bullying Campaign™ Program during the school year for elementary and junior high schools in our neighborhood. Our students come from all local schools and places of work. They attend schools such as: the Katy ISD schools of Memorial Parkway Junior High, Jeanette Hayes Elementary School, Hazel S. Pattison Elementary School, Cinco Ranch High School.

WORST CASE CAN BE PREVENTED!  We have all heard of the cases of teens who snapped and did something horrible in response to a lifetime of bullying. These are, fortunately, very rare. Sadly, they do happen. Our goal is to get your son or daughter from victim to defender of themselves and others being bullied. Your son or daughter will learn that they can defend themselves even if they get hit or tackled. In BJJ, we say the ground is our territory because so much of BJJ is about what happens on the ground. (Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqPLW_PC79s or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BWFUC7MGQ4).

The United Anti Bullying Campaign™ Program for Kids and Teens is conducted at United Martial Arts Katy. Our website is: www.unitedmakaty.com

Our instructors have many years of experience training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and Tae Kwon Do at the local, national and international levels. All of that knowledge has gone into our Anti Bullying Program. Our program is designed so that your son or daughter can move into the BJJ and/or TKD program as what we hope will be life long love of martial arts. Even if he or she does not do that, the United Anti Bullying Program will prepare them for whatever self-defense situation comes their way.

WHO IS UNITED MARTIAL ARTS KATY? United Martial Arts Katy’s training in BJJ and TKD is open 6 days a week and offers over 20 classes per week taught by our instructors who are also decorated competitors in their martial arts. Our BJJ and TKD programs and classes provide ever-evolving teaching and support so that our members have the opportunity to achieve and develop their skills to reach their personal goals, whatever they may be – competition, training as a hobby, improving athleticism and health – all while learning the martial arts discipline in Katy, Texas.

We are proud to serve the needs of the community. Our students come from every walk of life and all the surrounding neighborhoods such as Lakes of Buckingham Kelliwood, Kelliwood areas, the villages of the Cinco Ranch area and many other neighborhoods and businesses in the Mason Road, Westgreen Road, Greenhouse Road, and Fry Road area. Our students attend Katy ISD schools such as Memorial Parkway Junior High, Jeanette Hayes Elementary School, Hazel S. Pattison Elementary School, Cinco Ranch High School, Houston Community College Katy (HCC Katy) and even as far away as University of Houston. Many of our students who work in places like Houston Methodist West Hospital or Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus find our convenient class schedule works well with their needs.

Contact us today or sign up online at: wwwunitedmakaty.com

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